Francesca C.  Ghisetti 


Ruby Bay, New Zealand


Research Expertise


Structural analysis of fold-and-thrust belts, section restoration and balancing, stress inversions

Regional tectonics, structural analysis of active faults, structural modeling, fault/fracture permeability

Analysis of multiply deformed structures, fault-controlled sedimentation and sedimentary basins evolution

Field mapping of sedimentary, metamorphic and volcanic assemblages, subsurface mapping based on interpretation and elaboration of seismic data

Regional geology and tectonics of the Mediterranean region

Regional geology and tectonics of New Zealand

Tectonic geomorphology, Quaternary geology and neotectonics

Seismotectonics and seismic hazard assessment

GIS cartography, editing and publishing of geological maps; use of specialised software for structural interpretations



West Coast Regional Council - Offshore Faulting and Earthquake Sources, West Coast, South Island, New Zealand (MSI Envirolink Project, led by P. Barnes, NIWA).

Geosphere, Lower Hutt (for L&M Petroleum Ltd. and Green Gate) - Geologic interpretations of seismic data, focused on structural setting and deformation style in the Waiau , Te Anau , and Murchison Basins , comprehensive of field work , South Island, New Zealand.

TAG Oil, New Zealand - Structural style of deformation in the northern Tarata thrust belt, Taranaki Peninsula, New Zealand.

Genesis, New Zealand - Structural review the Taranaki Basin eastern margin, New Zealand.

OMV, New Zealand - Structural analyses and restorations of geo-seismic regional sections in the Great South Basin.

Todd Energy, New Zealand - Structural analysis, restoration of regional seismo-geological transects and tectonic reconstructions in the Taranaki Basin and in the onshore Taranaki Peninsula.

Mosman Oil and Gas, New Zealand - Structural setting of the Murchison Basin.

Earthquake Commission, New Zealand - Seismic hazard assessment from compressional inversion structures, NW South Island, New Zealand (Otago University based project, leader R.H. Sibson).

Regione Molise, Italy - Geological Map of the Molise Region, scale 1:100,000.

Regione Abruzzo, Italy - Geological Map of the Abruzzo Region, scale 1:100,000.

AGIP Oil Company - Study and analysis of fractured reservoirs and of permeability barriers/conduits along major fault systems in the central Apennines, Italy.

"Societa' Ponte Stretto di Messina" - Mapping and structural analysis of the site area chosen for the Sicily-Italy mainland bridge.

ENEA (National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and the Environment, Italy) - Structural Analysis of storage sites for nuclear waste disposal in Neogene clay basins of southern Italy.

ENEL (Ente Nazionale per l'Energia Elettrica, Italy)- Neotectonic Map of southern Italy. 

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